Amazing vibe @Romanian Top Hits Awards

Amazing vibe @Romanian Top Hits Awards

I gotta tell you that I’ve had so much fun at Bacau with my colleagues from Famous Production. We sang, we danced, we applauded the other artists. It was a crazy atmosphere there and I’m so happy that I got the chance to perform on the same stage with some of the greatest Romanian artists.  

And the crowd…so damn beautiful and alive! I’m thankful to them for their warm and enthusiastic greeting! :)

When we saw all that madness down there in the public and felt their eager desire to party, neither did we outdone ourselves and alongside Randi, UDDI and the Famous Production team, we rewarded their waiting with energetic performances, in order to let them get the best of our show.

It was my first concert in front of such a large audience. 30,000 music fans. So many followed me while performing live Belong To You. My moment started with the Romanian version of Supernatural Woman. Okay, I admit, there were two supernatural women on stage, who have accompanied me with their dynamic and sensual choreography. ;)

The Famous Production show ended with Blurred Lines à la Randi, Mike Angello and UDDI.

Till our very next meeting, Bacau, don’t forget that I belong to you! ;)

Credits to Florian Gindila