Releasing “Belong to you” – the video

Releasing “Belong to you” – the video

Belong to You. That’s how my first single, video and debut in the music industry are called.

With this project, my aim is to conquer the music lovers and the charts, not only from Romania, but also from across the boarders.

There are no boundaries for me when it comes to music. I’ve been breathing sounds and lyrics and I’ve been living through music since I was 12, when I discovered this passion. I fit very well with Randi’s compositional style, therefore Belong to you resonates perfectly with how I want to express myself musically.

The first single, Belong to You, is accompanied by a visually strong video. The lyrics talk about the feeling of happiness and fulfillment we all experience when we meet our true love and we feel complete.

Now that I’ve shared with you my first experience of releasing a video, I find it appropriate to see what Randi has to say about it:

‘’Mistery, sensuality and his passionate voice are the ingredients that turn Mike Angello into a successful artist, ready to conquer the local and international charts. His romantic style and warm sound that provoke your senses create an irresistible melodic line, in perfect harmony with Mike’s voice’’.