Anii ce vin feat. Delia

November 5, 2013 // News

Anii ce vin feat. Delia

The wait is over, dear friends! :)

As I promised, my new single is a special featuring with…Delia Matache:D I met her in the Famous Production Studios and we sang about the years that are yet to come (Anii ce vin), keeping the flavor of those that have passed, through a retro sound, which I hope you’ll enjoy.

I’m sure you’ve all experienced the moment when you fall madly in love with someone and you’re convinced that all the past experiences weren’t pointless, but representing the right path which brought you, at the right time, in your soul mate’s way. Well, that’s what we’re singing about in this song.

I strongly believe in the idea of soul mates. And I think that the risks implied by love must be taken without any fear, while listening to your heart could be the key of any inconvenience that might appear. I’m glad I was able to tell this beautiful story with Delia, which I admire and consider one of Romania’s best female voices.

Even though the track title conjures the future, the retro sounds give to the song a slightly nostalgic blast from the days when hits were referred as popular songs. This inspired the vinyl aspect of the single cover, too.

Anii ce vin is composed by Randi and has been released by Famous Production in partnership with Cat Music Romania. Alongside Delia, you can hear my fellow UDDI, as a special guest on this song .

Thanks for your patience and don’t forget that I’m anxiously awaiting for your feedback here, or on my Facebook page (