“Anii ce vin” LIVE @Radio ZU

December 13, 2013 // News

“Anii ce vin” LIVE @Radio ZU

Radio ZU has been the first Romanian radio to include “Anii ce vin” in its playlist. Right there, on Tuesday morning, my new featuring with Delia Matache and UDDI has been aired for the first time in a live acoustic version, at the Morning ZU show.

The two hosts, Mihai Morar and Daniel Buzdugan, invited us in their studio for a jam session in the style of Famous Production. I was not alone. Besides Delia and UDDI, another four friends have joined us. What’s Up brought his cajon and played it with lots of energy and enthusiasm. Alex Berehoi skillfully played the piano, while Andrei Dragusanu took care of the electric guitar riffs. Our sound engineer, Alex Ispas was there to make sure that our live music arrives in your homes at high quality. Oh, and I almost forgot about Louie, Delia’s dog, who kept an eye on every move that we made!

Last Tuesday was a perfect day not only for me, but for my colleague UDDI, as well! He performed with What’s Up their new single Scumpa domnisoara. I felt great with my Famous Production fellows and the artists who joined us. I’d like to thank Radio ZU, especially to Mihai and Daniel, for inviting us! It has been a pleasure. :)