Radar de Media Awards – March 2014

April 1, 2014 // News

Radar de Media Awards – March 2014

The beginning of March wasn’t too lucky for me, Randi and UDDI. We got caught by the radar. Luckily, it wasn’t the Police radar, but the Media Radar. :D

Passing over the introduction inspired by April Fool’s Day, we had a lot of fun at Radar de Media Awards, alongside the entire Famous Production team and other artists.

We performed “Anii ce vin” and “Scumpa domnisoara” live, right on the stage of Ambasad’Or Events BallRoom.

We were glad to hear the entire crowd singing along the choruses of our songs. What’s Up joined UDDI for their featured single, everybody enjoyed a double portion of show and flow.

Without musicians who have accompanied us, our live moments would not have sounded the same. I wanna thank Radu for shaping the songs with his bass, Brutus for his guitar riffs and Florin for the energy transmitted through the drums.

Besides our performances, we’ve had the honor to present two awards. Me and Randi handed the trophy for “Best TV Entertainment Show” to Smiley.

And since nothing is accidental, UDDI and Nicole Cherry awarded Delia Matache for being the “Sexiest Female Artist”.

If I started this article with a hoax, I want to continue my day like this. I have some ideas for pranks, but I want to see some more. Feel free to tell me what tricks and jokes you’ve prepared for today or send me some links with cool pranks. Leave them in a comment below or on my Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/ MikeAngelloMusic

Good luck with your tricks! : D Be tempered, though!