Ma bate inima / My Heart Beats

April 30, 2014 // News

Ma bate inima / My Heart Beats

Keep calm! I’m safe and sound, especially when I know that “Anii ce vin (the years that are about to come)” will be divine. “My heart beats” is the name of my next single and, hopefully, one of the hits of 2014th Summer.

As you might have already noticed on my Facebook page (, last week I’ve shot the second video from my musical career.

Like “Belong To You”, “Supernatural Woman” or “Anii ce vin”, “Ma bate inima” is produced by Randi in the Famous Production Studios, also a co-production with CAT MUSIC. You’ll find out more details about the song at the right time, though.

For this video I worked with Alex Ceausu and his team from Ador Media. We started the video shooting in the morning and finished it in the next morning. 20 hours of shooting, more precisely.

Starting with the teenagers from the party scene to the make-up & hair-style girls, continuing with the “making of” crew, the management and ending up with the post-production team, the “Ma bate inima” video shooting gathered 50 people who share a strong passion for music.

And because good things happen only when you have your close friends nearby, in my video you can also see Randi, UDDI and Cristi Nistor, alongside the whole team behind Famous Production.

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This is it, for now! :) I go pack my things for the mini-vacation of May 1st. What about you? Where do you plan to spend it?