March 7, 2014 // News


In 2013 me and Delia Matache promised you that the years to come will be awesome, right? Therefore, the beginning of the Spring couldn’t be other way than great. Well, actually, if I think about it, it could be FAMOUS. :D

Me, Randi and UDDI, decided to bring spring to the radios and be the first that welcome it. Said and done. On the 28’th of February, early morning, we started to visit the radio stations and give smiles, handmade spring gifts and flowers to the beautiful ladies.

Our first stop was Radio ZU. You can see bellow more pictures ;)

After that we headed to Radio 21 and Europa FM where we met plenty of ladies that welcomed us with beautiful smiles. :D On air was Andreea Berghea, whom we were glad to meet.

Kiss FM was our next stop. Here we were glad to meet Oana Ionita whom you all know from Cronica Carcotasilor show. You know that she will soon be a mom?!

In the studio, Andreea Remetan was on air. Knock, knock. She greeted us with a big smile and welcomed us in the studio.

Our last stop was PRO FM Romania. Every lady in the studio, marketing department and so on received a smile, flowers and gifts from us.

We strolled across Bucharest all day long, but didn’t get tired at all. We are glad that we were able to bring smiles to the beautiful ladies.

You can see more pictures on our official Famous Production Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/famousproductioncom

Have a beautiful and sunny Spring!