Divine Holidays

February 17, 2014 // News

Divine Holidays

My beloved readers, I hope you’ve had an amazing start of year! The first days of 2014 found me on Spanish lands . In Madrid, more precisely.

I’ve chosen to spend the New Year’s Eve there, with all the beloved ones by my side. The Spanish local traditions delighted me so much, that I decided to respect each and every one of it, starting with the 12 famous grapes till drinking champagne and eating crackers.

The Winter Holidays begun with a Dutch Christmas celebrated in Munich. As in Romania, the snow was lacking. The wooden cottages where the souvenirs were exposed, housing Christmas tree ornaments, decorative glass and plastic objects, all made on the spot, the smell of chocolate and cinnamon emanating from the specialties stores, all contributed to the awakening of the Christmas spirit inside me and other several hundred thousands of tourists.

On the streets of Munich you can often confuse yourself with an explorer, because at every corner you discover delightful buildings, pubs, parks and monuments. It happened to me, when I discovered this monument dedicated to Michael Jackson.

It’s amazing how people love and respect their idols! For years, this place vibrates and blooms day by day, thanks to MJ’s fans, who bring flowers and light candles at all times.

But my heart is still in Spain, at Toledo. Also called the city of Don Quixote de La Mancha, Toledo impressed me with its architecture. Alcazar, the cathedral, the Zocodover market and those narrow streets fascinated me. I like the townspeople, who are very open-minded. In Toledo coexist Christians, Muslims and Jews alike, in a town whose population hardly exceeds 85,000 people. :)

And because this is my first post of 2014, right after Valentine’s Day, I will make the most optimistic musical greeting: