Europe Tour

September 13, 2013 // News

Europe Tour

This summer I’ve been extremely busy! Besides the release of my new bilingual single, Doar o fata / Supernatural Woman, many TV shows and musical events attended, I managed to meet my great desire: Europe touring!

If we were at the 5 o’clock newscast, I would have probably said five in a row! : D Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Luxembourg and France. But let’s take them one by one!

Brussels is the ideal city! Small, extremely well maintained and clean. The coffee in the Grand Place is not bad at all! They have only one problem. Women are somehow androgynous or at least look like this! No dyed hair, no make-up, no diet, no dresses or necklines whatsoever. The Romanian designer Botezatu would fail in such a country with these type of women. ;)


On the other hand, is the senior engineering when it comes to Belgium.

If around 1900, the Belgians invented Canal du Centre, which interlinked rivers or streams by hydro-lifts, transporting even today thousands of private boats or ships carrying goods, in our country we still celebrate our famous Mocanita, an old and beautiful train, working nowadays, too, but still being considered as a great engineering.

Paris – come on, that’s the limit! Well, don’t you want to shine a little?! Then ask the other tourists around you to take a picture of you while forcefully smiling at the camera, having behind this giant that no matter how you’ll look at, it’ll shine brighter than you, bright like a diamond, like Rihanna says.

I am wondering how selfish and insatiable must have been Ludovic, to build such enormous buildings, just for him!

And how many love stories are floating above the river Seine

Netherlands – such a good destination for shopping! It is the country in which you can buy about anything legally! From the most visited outlets of clothing at great prices, to the famous ladies in the window, found in the Red Light District! :)

Not to mention the High Parties, in which there is no sense to talk, because it is an inexhaustible topic!

I think it is time to get back in Antwerp, where the ninth edition of the largest electronic music festival was held: Tomorrowland.

Three-day festival, an impressive line-up with hundreds of DJs and renowned artists, who kept the partying flame alive into the souls of nearly 300,000 adventurers, arrived there from all continents.

I think it was for the first time when I’ve raised the Romanian flag with so much pleasure! :)

Furthermore, I’ll let the pictures speak for me because I recognize that shortly after I joined the festival, I kinda’ got bewildered! :) )

Do not believe that you don’t have to pay a high price for all these wonderful experiences!

Romania’s harsh reality hits you in the back and throws you in depression for about two or three days!

Then you come back, start your normal daily activities and decide: life is beautiful and must be lived, no matter what! :)