New Video – Ma bate inima (My Heart Beats)

May 8, 2014 // Slideshow

New Video – Ma bate inima (My Heart Beats)

This Summer your heart beats on my rhythms, yeah? :D

After promising you that the” Years To Come (Anii ce vin)” will be divine, it was time for my new single – Ma bate inima (My Heart Beats).

My new video was shot at MediaPro Studios from Buftea, being produced by Famous Production and Cat Music and directed by Alex Ceausu (Ador Media). After many hours of shooting, the party went wild, with loud music, champagne, funky dance moves and improvised live sessions with my artist friends: Randi, UDDI and Cristi Nistor, guest stars in this video. Check out the pictures from the video shooting here:

Ma bate inima is my second video. The song pictures a situation that we have all experienced in our lives: when you just broke up with your soul mate and inevitably end up returning to him/her because your heart drives you crazy, telling you to do so. ;)

It was love at the first play between me and this song. I was charmed from the moment I’ve heard it in our Famous Production studios, and I hope this will happen to you, too. Regarding the video shooting, I can tell that we’ve been partying, working and partying again for 20 hours. This is what happens when those you work with are you friends, as well.